Monday, September 17, 2018

The Last Jedi

I love the old Star Wars movies. They were the ones I grew up with and the ones that helped form my view of good and evil. And, like most of the original trilogy fans, I was furious with the prequels. They sullied my childhood by making other children's childhood better... yeah, I even knew it at the time, but man, those were not fun for me. However, I was a fantastic aunt and bought them on dvd so my niece and nephews could torture me by watching and rewatching those things and preferring them to the ones that I wanted to watch. What can I say? May sister's kids are evil.

So, with that history, I will tell you, I LOVE the new Star Wars movies. They're fantastic. And, one of the things that makes it fantastic is the inclusion of women. Who knew there were women in space? They still aren't seen in as many roles as men, but they're in leading and important roles, and that's fantastic. Yeah, yeah, "representations matters." It does, it really does. I had all the star wars characters and the ships and the accessories. You know how many girls there were? Two. Princess Leia and the green chic from the canteen.

I'm so excited that kids (and maybe I) will have the chance to really see themselves in some kick ass Jedi roles.

And, it makes the dudes better, too. Check out the way men grow through strong women (pretty cool analysis):

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Jamel Myles killed himself a couple of days ago. Or, as the new vernacular goes, his will be listed as a death by suicide. It didn't have to go that way. Jamel was in the fourth grade and had just come out as gay. His family was supportive, but his classmates were not. I honestly thought we, as a society, had moved past this kind of prejudice. The kids I know are accepting and loving and would have supported Jamel... at least I think they would. I hope they would. But children can be mean. Adults can be mean. Heck, we're learning now that a lot more people wanted to be mean, but were just hiding it until some jackhole, flag-humper gave them permission to be outwardly hateful to those who are a little different from themselves. And so, a fourth grader kills himself. The press and some politician, some celebrities and some random neighborhood busybodies will lament the bullying, as I will here. But it won't do any good. As long as our society says it's ok to harass trans-children when they need to use the restroom, or shout down Muslims when they're trying to pray, or shoot unarmed black men while they're handcuffed and lying in the street, or to grab at women without their permission; nothing will change. We've brought out the worst of ourselves.

So You Think You Can Dance had a beautiful dance routine choreographed by Travis Wall. It'll probably get him his thousandth Emmy. I wounder if Jamel Myles had seen it, would it have made a difference?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cute Animal IQ Boost

Everyone loves animal photographs. Well, everyone loves them unless they're a monster. Are you a monster? I like the photos of the photographers getting up close and personal with their subjects. These are ridiculously cute. Plus, looking at cute animal pics are supposed to raise your IQ. So really, this is a lot like studying. I'm sticking to that explanation. You can use it, too, if you want. I'm not actually a doctor, but I have a terminal degree and that's kind of the same thing.

Cute animals doing cute things.

If you were ever wondering how to take liberties with definition of words or phrases, you've just got to look at the paragraphs above.

Also, just so you know, it's a little clickbait-y. It makes me sad, but the pictures are good, so that almost makes up for it. 

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