Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Red Violin

 We had a poor copy of this film, but it was beautiful just the same. The Red Violin starts with the auction on the beautiful violin and then travels through time to follow the violin's path to the auction house. Along the way, we find out why each of the bidders wants the violin. Every potential owner has a need because of the power and influence the violin had over their (or their hero's) life. The violin is it's own character, beguiling and intense. It lures people to it and helps them realize their dreams. But nobody escapes their time with the violin unscathed. While some might say that the violin brings destruction, I believe that it brings comfort and stability during trying times.

The Red Violin's score has to be mentioned. Each time period has it's own sound and vision. Beautiful. And the cinematography captures the story while making the setting another character. A great film, not exciting, but lovely and meaningful.

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I was born and reared in Austin, Texas, where I attended three elementary schools, three middle schools, one high school, and one university. I've backpacked through Europe, gone on an archeological dig in the Belizean rainforest, scuba dived through the Atlantic reefs, and skydived over San Marcos. And, while hang-gliding turned out not to be for me, I did give it a shot.