Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sue Grafton's Alphabet Series

I've finished Sue Grafton's entire alphabet series through X. "Y is for Yesterday" comes out soon, so I'll wait a bit and finish up my current reading list before I take on the latest edition.

Anyway, the alphabet series follows private investigator Kinsey Milhone as she completes her various investigations. Overall, I enjoy these books because they're fun and quick reads. Kinsey tends toward the typical as far as investigative characters go, but Grafton has given her a couple of quirks that make her stand out. For instance, her love for small spaces and her fondness for the gun her aunt gave her both add to her as a character. Also, her next door neighbor, Henry, adds to the more personal aspects of the story. He deals with tension and anger through baking and cooking, but also bakes and cooks when he's happy. It's all in his method of getting to the final product. I'm always worried that he's going to die, and that bothers me a bit, probably more than it should. 

One thing I don't understand about the books is the Cabot Cove aspect. Because Kinsey is a private investigator, she should be able to get into enough trouble without having it seek her out. It's like in tv shows when the serial killer decides he's going to take on all the CSI or BAU. It doesn't feel natural. However, it doesn't take me so out of the story, that I stop reading, obviously. 

I would love it if I could adapt these books for a television show like they've done for Bosch on Amazon. I'd take the grittier aspects of the story and bring them to the front.

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